Synergy Jeep JK Front Lift Coil Springs

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Synergy Jeep JK Front Lift Coil Springs

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  • Front lift coils for 2-Door Jeep JK, TJ/LJ, XJ and 4-Door Jeep JK Wranglers
  • Synergy coils offer excellent off road performance while preserving ride quality
  • Progressively wound; keeps spring from coming unbound at suspension droop
  • Progressively wound spring eliminates annoying spring clanking found on most suspension kits
  • Feature frequency balanced and tuned spring rates to maximize suspension performance on and off road
  • Suspension components feature an abrasive-resistant black powder coat finish for maximum durability and corrosion resistance
  • Springs are designed to give the advertised amount of lift with use of aftermarket front bumpers & winches.
  • Sold in Pairs

Part Numbers for JK's:

  • 8063-10 - 2-Door 2" Lift / 4-Door 1" Lift
  • 8063-20 - 2-Door 3" Lift / 4-Door 2" Lift
  • 8063-30 - 2-Door 4" Lift / 4-Door 3" Lift
  • 8063-45 - 2-Door 5.5" Lift / 4-Door 4.5" Lift
  • 8063-60 - 2-Door 7" Lift / 4-Door 6" Lift


  • 2012+ JK's lifted over 2" will require exhaust spacers (5017), or a front aftermarket drive shaft to prevent interference with the exhaust
  • Springs retain the factory rake of the vehicle where the rear is higher than the front. Vehicle should sit level when loaded. Request one size shorter rear springs to level the vehicle out when unloaded
  • Lift heights listed for JK are for models with gas engines. Expect approximately 1" less lift on diesel models.
  • For JK's with stock wheels or wheels with close to stock backspacing, 1-1/2" wheel spacers are recommended.
  • For JK's with 35" tires, 3" bump stop spacers are recommended. With high fenders, shorter bump stop spacers can be used.
  • For JK's with 37" tires, 4" bump stop spacers are recommended. With high fenders, shorter bump stop spacers can be used.
  • For 2 Door JK's with 5.5" of lift or more, the Synergy Long Arm System is recommended.
(2 DR JK)
(4 DR JK)
8063-10 2.0" 1.0" PROGRESSIVE 20.750" 8.560"
8063-20 3.0" 2.0" PROGRESSIVE 20.750" 7.440"
8063-30 4.0" 3.0" PROGRESSIVE 21.375" 7.750"
8063-45 5.5" 4.5" LINEAR 21.375" 7.750"
8063-60 7.0" 6.0" LINEAR 22.000" 9.300"

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